Time flies … 

I cannot believe the gap I have left in between updating my blog. I seem to do this a lot … start something with good intentions and then bam! Distracted (normally by shiny things) so apologies for my crap one post blog! 

Lots has been happening since my first post … Ted now crawls … is trying to pull himself up to stand … Im back in business head mode … we move into our new home the end of July and we are planning Ted’s first birthday and christening celebrations so a special big party!! 

He is such a funny character and I am starting to really enjoy being his mum. My pnd and ptsd and anxiety really stopped me from enjoying our first months together but now Im starting to feel a bit more like the old me every day … and now I can allow myself to sit and enjoy just watching him without this horrible black cloud hanging over my head. 

I do still struggle but I have more good days than bad so that is a success to me! 

Ted’s about to try and climb on my miniature sausage dogs back so I will end this post here and promise to post again soon! 

Vikki x